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The Crown of Opportunities

International Junior Miss (IJM) is truly 'The Crown of Opportunities,' cultivating self-awareness in today's youth and young women. This distinguished event offers more than just a competition; it's a journey toward personal development and growth.


With a focus on recognizing excellence in various categories such as modeling, public speaking, and academic achievement, IJM will award over $250,000 in prizes, travel, and cash scholarships at our upcoming International Finals.


Delegates will participate in three key areas: the Interview Competition, fostering communication skills; the Evening Gown Competition, allowing for each contestant's display of grace and poise; and the Fun Fashion Competition, a platform for delegates to showcase their unique style.


The essence of IJM goes beyond the stage; it's about creating lasting memories for each delegate and their families. The schedule is carefully crafted to include opportunities to meet new people and engage in delegate activities.


The current titleholders, hailing from diverse backgrounds such as South Africa, Nigeria, The United Kingdom, Hawaii, Georgia, and Kansas, exemplify IJM's global reach and inclusivity.


Mark your calendars for our next event in January 2025. For our Sweet Sixteen, we will do a 'homecoming' to our original event location: The Sandler Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 


Get ready to witness not just a competition but a celebration of talent, style, and the incredible achievements of young women worldwide.


Areas of Competition

The International Junior Miss (IJM) pageant unfolds through three key competitions, each accounting for one-third of the preliminary total score.


Our selection process involves a panel of judges assigning scores ranging from 1-9 points in each preliminary category. The top semi-finalists will receive additional points for Fun Fashion and Evening Gown during finals, contributing to their overall preliminary score. The combined scores from preliminary and final night performances determine the final placement of the overall top 5. Interview scores will be used in the event of a tie.

International Junior Miss Pageant interview outfit

Interview Competition

In the Interview Competition, delegates engage in meaningful conversations with the selection panel. This allows each girl to showcase their personality and intelligence. Questions are never political or 'current event' based; instead, they focus on getting to know each girl. Ultimately, this segment is designed to let judges get to know each delegate better and counts as one-third of the preliminary total score.

International Junior Miss Pageant winners modeling in fun fashion

Evening Gown

In the evening gown competition, all delegates wear age-appropriate floor-length gowns. Fit and style play a crucial role in this segment, with judges evaluating grace, poise, and elegance during the presentation. This competition accounts for one-third of the preliminary total score. Tailoring by a professional seamstress is recommended to ensure the garments complement each delegate's body type.

International Junior Miss Pageant fun fashion modeling outfit

Fun Fashion

The Fun Fashion Competition is a platform for each delegate to express their unique style and fashion. Delegates model outfits of their own choosing, emphasizing age-appropriate attire that reflects their style. This vibrant segment counts as one-third of the preliminary total score. Creativity is encouraged, and while accessorizing is allowed, props such as umbrellas, purses, or bags are not permitted on stage.

International Junior Miss Pageant winners after their crowning at IJM Pageant

Meet The Dynasty

Our International Royalty, Past & Present

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